Two contradictory developments characterize modern corporate regulation. On the one hand, the demand for public supervision and control is ever increasing. New supervisory authorities are founded and existing agencies are assigned more power. On the other hand, corporations should be trusted for their abilities to regulate themselves and monitor their compliance status through internal programs. To what extent can external control prevent corporate crime? How does public regulation interact with internal norms? And can external and internal enforcement reinforce each other? These questions are adressed in this introductory article to a special issue of this journal on Supervision and Compliance of corporate actors in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Keywords compliance, handhaving, organisatiecriminaliteit, toezicht, witteboordencriminaliteit, zelfregulering
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van Erp, J.G, Huisman, W, van de Bunt, H.G, & Ponsaers, P. (2008). Toezicht en compliance.. Nederlands tijdschrift voor criminologie Criminele sociologie, criminele psychologie, forensische psychiatrie, penelogie, jeugdolelinguentie, reclassering, 83–95. Retrieved from