This study investigated the impact of a visit from a consulting physician on the patient and the relatives during the euthanasia procedure in The Netherlands. Data on experiences with the consultant's visit were collected from 86 relatives and 3,614 general practitioners, who described their most recent request for euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. More than three-quarters of the patients experienced the visit as they had expected, or became more positive. Although about 1 out of 5 patients had negative experiences, this study indicates that, in general, a visit from a consulting physician is not perceived to be burdensome for patients.

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Keywords Netherlands, active euthanasia, article, assisted suicide, decision making, family, human, patient referral, patient satisfaction, physician attitude, professional practice, psychological aspect
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Jansen-Van Der Weide, M.C, Onwuteaka-Philipsen, B.D, van der Heide, A, & van der Wal, G. (2009). How patients and relatives experience a visit from a consulting physician in the euthanasia procedure: A study among relatives and physicians. Death Studies: counseling - research - education - care - ethics, 33(3), 199–219. doi:10.1080/07481180802672272