The central question of this research is “why do provinces change their organizational model and how can these changes be explained?” To answer this question I formulated three research questions: 1. In which way has the organizational model of individual provinces changed in the past twenty to thirty years and which similarities and differences can be identified? 2. For which reasons do individual provinces change their organizational model? 3. How can the differences in motives from provinces to change their organizational model be explained? To be able to answer the research questions I developed a theoretical model existing of three competing explanations. Major changes to the organizational model are the consequence of: -internal motives; -external motives; en -institutional isomorphism. Based on a literature study I operationalized the competing explanations in several motives for organizational change.

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Keywords organizational change, organizational models, organizational structure, organizations, public administration
Promotor A.B. Ringeling (Arthur)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor Ringeling, Prof. Dr. A.B. (promotor)
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van Lier, R.P.L.M.. (2007, March). De provinciale organisatie in continue staat van verandering: waarom veranderen provincies van organisatiemodel?. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from