The Dutch firm TomTom is well-known for its iconic portable navigation devices but now needs to re-establish itself as a navigation software provider to the automotive industry. How can TomTom compete with tech giants like Google in this fast-changing B2B market? This teaching case was developed by Professor Steven Sweldens and Professor Stefano Puntoni in collaboration with TomTom and the RSM Case Development Center. It provides unique materials for discussing a number of important topics, such as B2B branding, managing brands over time, Big Bang disruption, and autonomous driving. Apart from the case and teaching note, the set also includes slides and videos to facilitate teaching and learning. All materials are available on

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Keywords Marketing, Branding, Innovation, Disruption, Technology, Automotive, Navigation, B2B, Google, Self-driving cars, Autonomous driving
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Series RSM Case Development Centre
Sweldens, S, Puntoni, S, & Yue, T. (2019). TomTom: Mapping the Course from B2C to B2B (Web Version). RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from

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