Thermosensitive liposomes, as one of the stimuli-responsive drug delivery systems, receive growing attention, due to their ability to generate rapid and massive drug release in the heated area, and marginal release of contents in non-heated parts of the body. This typical triggered release behavior cannot be fitted adequately by most of the current mathematical kinetic models. The aim of this study was to establish the proper kinetic equation to describe the rapid release of drugs from trigger-sensitive drug delivery systems. We summarized all commonly used kinetic models mentioned in the literature and fitted the release data with these models, finding that only the Korsmeyer-Peppas and the Weibull models show acceptable fitting results. To better describe the release from thermosensitive liposomes with a size below 100 nm, we took Laplace pressure as a release-driving force and proposed a new equation that demonstrates improved fitting in liposomes ranging down to a size of 70 nm. Our new kinetic model shows desirable fitting, not only at the optimal temperature but also of releases within the whole release-temperature range, providing a useful kinetic model to describe release profiles of smaller nano-sized stimuli-responsive drug delivery systems.

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Journal of Controlled Release

Lu, T, & ten Hagen, T.L.M. (2020). A novel kinetic model to describe the ultra-fast triggered release of thermosensitive liposomal drug delivery systems. Journal of Controlled Release, 324, 669–678. doi:10.1016/j.jconrel.2020.05.047