BACKGROUND: The Diagnostic Inventory for Depression (DID) is a new self-report questionnaire based on the DSM-IV inclusion criteria for a major depressive disorder. AIM: To analyse the Dutch translation of the DID and examine the psychometric properties of the inventory. METHODS: We conducted a large-scale internet-based screening among the general population. RESULTS: Reliability, convergent validity and factor structure were good. The DID-NL may classify participants accurately. CONCLUSION: The results look promising and the DID-NL can give added value to existing questionnaires. However, since the classification potential has not yet been sufficiently demonstrated, a clinical interview will still be needed.

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Keywords Classification, Depression, Self-report questionnaire, adult, aged, article, controlled study, depression, diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, human, major clinical study, psychometry, questionnaire, screening
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Journal Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie
de Graaf, L.E, & Huibers, M.J.H. (2009). Introducing the diagnostic inventory for depression in the Netherlands [Introductie van de diagnostic inventory for depression in Nederland]. Tijdschrift voor Psychiatrie, 51(9), 675–686. Retrieved from