There is a new merging of health economics and nutrition disciplines to assess the impact of diet on health and disease prevention and to characterise the health and economic aspects of specific changes in nutritional behaviour and nutrition recommendations. A rationale exists for developing the field of nutrition economics which could offer a better understanding of both nutrition, in the context of having a significant influence on health outcomes, and economics, in order to estimate the absolute and relative monetary impact of health measures. For this purpose, an expert meeting assessed questions aimed at clarifying the scope and identifying the key issues that should be taken into consideration in developing nutrition economics as a discipline that could potentially address important questions. We propose a first multidisciplinary outline for understanding the principles and particular characteristics of this emerging field. We summarise here the concepts and the observations of workshop participants and propose a basic setting for nutrition economics and health outcomes research as a novel discipline to support nutrition, health economics and health policy development in an evidence and health-benefit-based manner.

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Keywords Cost analyses, Cost-effectiveness, Functional foods, Health economics, Health outcomes, Nutrition economics, conference paper, cost effectiveness analysis, economic aspect, external validity, fitness, food intake, health care, health care cost, health care policy, health economics, human, internal validity, nutritional assessment, nutritional health, psychological well being, quality of life, questionnaire, workshop
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Journal British Journal of Nutrition
Lenoir-Wijnkoop, I, Dapoigny, M, Dubois, D, Ganse, E, Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea, I, Hutton, J, … Nuijten, M.J.C. (2011). Nutrition economics - Characterising the economic and health impact of nutrition. In British Journal of Nutrition (Vol. 105, pp. 157–166). doi:10.1017/S0007114510003041