To test the hypothesis that Na+/H+exchanger (NHE) regulatory factor 2 (NHERF2) is necessary for multiple aspects of acute regulation of NHE3 in intact mouse small intestine, distal ileal NHE3 activity was determined using two-photon microscopy/SNARF-4F in a NHERF2-null mouse model. The NHERF2-null mouse ileum had shorter villi, deeper crypts, and decreased epithelial cell number. Basal rates of NHE3 activity were reduced in NHERF2-null mice, which was associated with a reduced percentage of NHE3 in the apical domain and an increase in intracellular NHE3 amount but no change in total level of NHE3 protein. cAMP, cGMP, and elevated Ca2+due to apical exposure to UTP all inhibited NHE3 activity in wild-type mouse ileum but not in NHERF2-null mice, while inhibition by hyperosmolarity occurred normally. The cAMP-increased phosphorylation of NHE3 at aa 552; levels of PKAIIα and cGMP-dependent protein kinase II (cGKII); and elevation of Ca2+were similar in wild-type and NHERF2-null mouse ileum. Luminal lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) stimulated NHE3 in wild-type but not in NHERF2-null ileum. In conclusion, 1) there are inftle structural abnormalities in the small intestine of NHERF2-null mouse which include fewer villus epithelial cells; 2) the decreased basal NHE3 activity and reduced brush border NHE3 amount in NHERF2-null mice show that NHERF2 is necessary for normal basal trafficking or retention of NHE3 in the apical domain; 3) hyperosmolar inhibition of NHE3 occurs similarly in wild-type and NHERF2-null ileum, demonstrating that some inhibitory mechanisms of NHE3 are not NHERF2 dependent; 4) cAMP inhibition of NHE3 is NHERF2 dependent at a step downstream of cAMP/PKAII phosphorylation of NHE3 at aa 552; 5) cGMP- and UTP-induced inhibition of NHE3 are NHERF2 dependent at steps beyond cGKII and the UTP-induced increase of intracellular Ca2+; and 6) LPA stimulation of NHE3 is also NHERF2 dependent.

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Keywords +, /H, 2+, 5'-cyclic monophosphate, Adenosine 3', Ca, Guanosine 3', Lysophosphatidic acid, Na, Trafficking, exchanger regulation, exchanger regulatory factor
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Journal American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology
Murtazina, R, Kovbasnjuk, O, Chen, T.E, Zachos, N.C, Kocinsky, H.S, Hogema, B.M, … Donowitz, M. (2011). NHERF2 is necessary for basal activity, second messenger inhibition, and LPA stimulation of NHE3 in mouse distal ileum. American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology, 301(1). doi:10.1152/ajpcell.00311.2010