The data guiding the dosing, efficacy and safety of medicines for children have lagged substantially as compared to the information available for adults. As a consequence, pediatricians faced with the prospect of confining their practice to medicines with adequate information have frequently resorted to prescribing medicines for unapproved uses (different dose, frequency, age group, route, indication or formulation). Although a long time in coming, the past decade, have witnessed a new era in drug development for children - an era that is still in its infancy, but which is currently showing signs of maturation. This review will give some of the history and current progress in pharmacological research and pediatric drug development.

Drug metabolism in pediatrics, Drug therapy in pediatrics, Off-label prescriptions, Phase I enzymes, Phase II enzymes,
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Department of Pediatrics

Rakhmanina, N.Y, & van den Anker, J.N. (2006). Pharmacological research in pediatrics: From neonates to adolescents. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (Vol. 58, pp. 4–14). doi:10.1016/j.addr.2005.12.001