Introduction Reduced chorionic villous vascularization is associated with first trimester miscarriage and second trimester fetal loss. Differences in villous vascularization have been observed in combination with complications in the third trimester of pregnancy. The aim of this study was to investigate whether abnormal morphology and reduced chorionic villous vascularization in first trimester miscarriages are associated with an increased risk on adverse outcome and/or pregnancy complications in subsequent pregnancy. Secondly, to assess the influence of these parameters on the length of the interpregnancy interval and infertility. Methods In a retrospective cohort study 134 consecutive women who underwent dilatation and curettage for a miscarriage were included. The degree of chorionic villous vascularization in miscarriage tissue was determined by a pathologist. Ultrasound details of these miscarriages and clinical data on the subsequent pregnancy of these women were obtained. Results Neither reduced vascularization nor early embryonic arrest in first trimester miscarriages are associated with an increased risk of a subsequent miscarriage or adverse obstetric and perinatal outcome of subsequent pregnancy. Abnormal morphology of the first trimester miscarriage did not influence the time to subsequent pregnancy. A shorter mean interpregnancy interval between miscarriages was observed after miscarriages with reduced chorionic villous vascularization (5.5 vs. 10.7 months; p = 0.051), showing a trend towards an association. Discussion Chorionic villous vascularization and morphology have no influence on subsequent pregnancy outcome. Therefore it remains unknown what aspects of miscarriage are causing the increased risk on subsequent miscarriage and complications in the third trimester of the subsequent pregnancy.

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Keywords Chorionic villous vascularization, Miscarriage, Morphology, Subsequent pregnancy
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Journal Placenta
van Gruting, I.M, Müller, M.A. (Moira A.), van Groningen, K, & Exalto, N. (2017). Macroscopic and microscopic morphology of first trimester miscarriage and subsequent pregnancy outcome - An exploratory study. Placenta, 53, 16–22. doi:10.1016/j.placenta.2017.02.022