The general introduction gives an overview of our previous studies, the incidence of gastro-intestinal malignancies and the pathophysiology of local tumour recurrence. This chapter outlines the basics of the peritoneum, infl ammatory reaction, cytokines, adhesion molecules, and the principles of surgery and tumour recurrence. The aim of our study was to unravel several pathways of tumour cell adhesion in an in vitro model, in which human mesothelial and cancer cells were studied.

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Keywords surgery, tumor recurrence
Promotor J. Jeekel (Hans)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor Jeekel, Prof. Dr. J. (promotor) , Stichting Erasmus Heelkundig Kankeronderzoek (SEHK)
ISBN 978-908559-295-2
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van Grevenstein, W.M.U.. (2007, June 20). Surgery and Peritoneal Tumor Recurrence: pathways studies 'in vitro'. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from