The past decade has seen a virtual explosion of information about customers and their preferences. This information potentially allows companies to increase their revenues, in particular since modern technology enables price changes to be effected at minimal cost. At the same time, companies have taken major strides in understanding and managing the dynamics of the supply chain, both their internal operations and their relationships with supply chain partners. These two developments are narrowly intertwined. Pricing decisions have a direct effect on operations and visa versa. Yet, the systematic integration of operational and marketing insights is in an emerging stage, both in academia and in business practice. This article reviews a number of key linkages between pricing and operations. In particular, it highlights different drivers for dynamic pricing strategies. Through the discussion of key references and related software developments we aim to provide a snapshot into a rich and evolving field.

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Keywords capacity, dynamic pricing, inventory, operations-marketing interface, supply chain management
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Fleischmann, M., Hall, J.M., & Pyke, D.F.. (2003). Smart Pricing: Linking Pricing Decisions with Operational Insights (No. ERS-2004-001-LIS). Retrieved from