This special issue on the effects of constructivist learning environments is based on a symposium organized during the last annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in Chicago. The studies in this issue not only provide an overview of the multitude of forms a constructivist learning environment can take, they also provide the reader with an overview of recent advances in this domain of research. The present discussion article provides a critical reflection on the studies in this special issue and tries to identify their prospects and limitations.

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Keywords Constructivism, Learning environments
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Rikers, R.M.J.P, van Gog, T.A.J.M, & Paas, G.W.C. (2008). The effects of constructivist learning environments: A commentary. Instructional Science: an international journal of learning and cognition, 36(5-6 EFFECTS OF CONSTR), 463–467. doi:10.1007/s11251-008-9067-4