In this paper, we suggest future research on the processes and knowledge-based resources in corporate entrepreneurship (CE), argue for the need to appreciate the heterogeneity of CE in relation to new contexts, and suggest appropriate strategies for such contexts. First, we highlight the key contributions of the papers in this special issue, with a particular focus on how they provide insights into structural and process contingencies, the role of management at multiple levels, and organizational and managerial capabilities. We then discuss the limits to the applicability of theories developed in other contexts to CE. Finally, we suggest some future research, with particular emphasis on the corporate governance mechanisms that foster CE and the requisite managerial roles and skills in instigating and supporting entrepreneurial activities at different levels of the organization.

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Phan, P.H, Wright, D.M, Ucbasaran, D, & Tan, W.L. (2009). Corporate entrepreneurship: Current research and future directions. Journal of Business Venturing: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, innovation and regional development, 24(3), 197–205. doi:10.1016/j.jbusvent.2009.01.007