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Keywords Haemophilus infection, Pneumococcus vaccine, anesthesia, cancer diagnosis, carcinoid syndrome, conference paper, diazoxide, electrolyte disturbance, gastrinoma, glucagonoma, human, hypoglycemia, insulinoma, neuroendocrine tumor, octreotide, perioperative period, practice guideline, preoperative care, preoperative evaluation, priority journal, somatostatin derivative, vipoma
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Falconi, M, Kianmanesh, R, Ruszniewski, P, Plöckinger, U, Annibale, B, Arnold, R, … Wiedenmann, B. (2009). ENETS consensus guidelines for the standards of care in neuroendocrine tumors: Pre- and perioperative therapy in patients with neuroendocrine tumors. Neuroendocrinology: international journal for basic and clinical studies on neuroendocrine relationships, 90(2), 203–208. doi:10.1159/000225949