Preeclampsia is a condition unique to pregnancy, characterized by hypertension and proteinuria. Nulliparous pregnancies and those affected by preexisting hypertension, diabetes and renal disease are at increased risk. Preeclampsia may develop during pregnancy, labor or in the early puerperium, and it occurs in about 5 percent of all pregnancies. It is a complex clinical syndrome potentially involving all maternal organ systems, with hypertension representing but one manifestation. When generalized convulsions are present, the condition is referred to as eclampsia.

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Keywords hemodynamics, preeclampsia, vasodilatation
Promotor H.C.S. Wallenburg (Henk)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor Dutch Praeventiefonds, Stichting "De Drie Lichten"
ISBN 978-909008-761-0
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Visser, W.. (1995, November 15). Hemodynamic studies in preeclampsia: implications for management. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from