Background: The highly polymorphic nonclassical MHC class I chain-related genes A and B (MICA and MICB) encode stress-inducible glycoproteins expressed on various epithelial cells including intestinal epithelial cells. MICA and MICB gene polymorphisms and expressions are associated with autoimmune diseases but not known in ulcerative colitis (UC). Aims: To investigate the association of MICB exon 2-4 polymorphisms and soluble MICA (sMICA) expression with the susceptibility of UC in central China. Materials and methods: Genomic DNA was isolated from peripheral blood. The allele frequencies of MICB exon 2-4 were genotyped in 105 UC patients and 213 healthy controls by PCR single-stranded conformation polymorphism method. Thirty-two patients and 32 controls were selected for determining serum sMICA expression by ELISA. Results: Allele frequency of MICB0106 was significantly higher in UC patients than in healthy controls (19.0% vs. 8.9%, corrected P (Pc)=0.0006), especially in patients with extensive colitis (24.4% vs. 8.9%, Pc=0.0006), moderate and severe disease (24.1% vs. 8.9%, Pc=0.0006), extraintestinal manifestations (20.5% vs. 8.9%, Pc=0.012), male patients (22.1% vs. 8.0%, Pc=0.006), and patients over the age of 40 years (28.8% vs. 8.3%, Pc=0.0006). The sMICA level was significantly higher in UC than in healthy controls (604.41±480.43 pg/ml vs. 175.37±28.31 pg/ml, P=0.0001) but not associated with the MICB0106 genotypes. Conclusions: Overall, MICB0106 allele was positively associated with UC in the Han Chinese in central China. sMICA was highly expressed in UC but not associated with the MICB0106 genotype.

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Keywords Gene polymorphism, MHC class I chain-related gene B, Soluble MICA, Ulcerative colitis
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Li, Y, Xia, B, Lü, M, Ge, L, & Zhang, X. (2010). MICB0106 gene polymorphism is associated with ulcerative colitis in central China. International Journal of Colorectal Disease: clinical and molecular gastroenterology and surgery, 25(2), 153–159. doi:10.1007/s00384-009-0787-y