In summary, we can conclude that we have successfully identified low penetrance alleles in the PPAR., PLA2G2A and ALOX15 genes, conferring differential colorectal adenoma risk, and two such alleles in the PTGS2 gene, one of which is also involved in colorectal cancer risk. These results, also in view of the interactions found between some SNPs and fish consumption and NSAID use, reinforce the importance of the role of the AA pathway in colorectal tumorigenesis, and indicate that some of these modifying alleles might contribute to a proportion of sporadic colorectal cancer cases, although the exact underlying mechanisms involved are not understood yet.

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Keywords colorectal cancer
Promotor Fodde, R. (Riccardo)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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ISBN 978-909021-223-4
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Siezen, C.L.E.. (2006, December 8). Low Penetrance Alleles in Colorectal Cancer: the arachidonic acid pathway. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from