7.0. Summary 7.1. The role of internationalisation in Japan’s financial accounting system development 7.2. Convergence between JP-GAAP and US-GAAP 7.3. Economic rationales for voluntary financial accounting disclosure 7.4. Institutions and information asymmetry 7.0. Summary The METI Study Group on the Internationalisation of Business Accounting issued a report in 2004 claiming that the accounting standards under JP-GAAP should be accepted as equal to those under IFRS and even closer to US-GAAP. Part 1 of this study investigated the role of internationalisation of business, financial and capital markets in the process of convergence between JP-GAAP and US-GAAP. Subsequently, Part 2 assessed the extent of the above mentioned convergence. Finally, Part 3 empirically explored economic rationales for voluntary disclosure practiced by Japanese companies between 1985 and 2003. Below follow a discussion of the findings in each of the three parts, and recommendations for further research.

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