RePub, the EUR institutional repository, facilitates the Open Access publishing of EUR research via the so-called ["Green Road"]( in accordance with the strategic plan of the university. This means that authors are required to deposit ("self archiving") the Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM) or 'final author version' of a publication in RePub. Thus they collectively establish a freely available layer of scientific research results.


As of the 1st of June 2016 the complete doctoral dissertation in electronic format should always be delivered to the Beadle's Office together with the completed and signed declaration of provision (a link to the declaration of provision is provided on the righthand side of this webpage) of the digital dissertation for the EUR institutional repository (RePub).

Please find all relevant information at:

All other publications

In 2011 the EUR pledged to support the so-called Green Road towards Open Access. Of all publications accepted by commercial publishers the author deposits the Accepted Author Manuscript, that is the version not in the publisher's layout' but otherwise similar, in the institutional repository (so-called "parallel publishing" or "self archiving"). In 80% of cases publishers allow us to include this 'final author version' of the publication in the repository. A link will be provided to the official article on the website of the journal.

You can use the upload button above to upload the full text file (this 'final author version') of your publication. In most cases the PDF and the DOI of the published article are enough for submission, in some cases you are requested to provide us with some metadata.

If RePub already contains the publishers version of your article and you want to submit your final author version of that publication, the quickest way to do so, is to send us an [email]( with the RePub handle of your publication as subject and the full text as attachment.

Working papers, research papers and research reports
Please use the submission button above.

However, there exist some established research paper series in
RePub. In these cases, please contact the series handlers mentioned

For ERIM research papers

ERIM Office
Tineke van der Vhee [email](
Room T6-08, tel 010-4081182

For Econometric Institute research papers and the EI reprint series: Contact the Econometric Institute secretariat.

For Tinbergen Institute discussion papers, please [contact(

(Parts of) books and conference proceedings
Please use the submission button above.

Public lectures
Please use the submission button above.

To submit an ERIM public lecture, please contact:
ERIM Office
Tineke van der Vhee [email](
Room T6-08, tel 010-4081182
The ease and flexibility of grouping publications in RePub, in combination with the target of publishing *all* EUR publications in Open Access makes RePub the ideal place to publish the research results of projects.

We already have several of these "collections" in RePub:

- [Surgery and Traumatology](

Apart from existing services, we are currently looking into ways to integrate so-called "collaborating environments", like Google Drive, GitHub, GitLabs, and Authorea with RePub, allowing authors to work together on projects and publications with the possibility of easy deposits into RePub.

If you are an EUR researcher and you want use the collection feature of the repository or you want to explore the new collaboration possibilities, please contact the [RePub team](

We can store small to medium datatsets, usually datasets that belong to a publication, in RePub. They will get a persistent URL (a handle or DOI) and, if needed, we can establish a relation between the dataset(s) and publication(s).