In recent years, the number of urban travel modes has increased significantly and now includes services such as carsharing, e-hailing, ridesharing and bikesharing. This development potentially contributes to more sustainable urban mobility, but also creates complexity for the customer. To simplify customer offerings, so-called multimodal mobility platforms (MMPs) have emerged, bundling the different mobility services to find the best route for the user. These platforms also function as marketplaces where customers can purchase mobility services from different suppliers. As part of this process, data is being generated, which can be utilized to yield valuable insights for suppliers and platform operators. In this paper, we describe the business model of MMPs and provide an overview of currently active solutions. Subsequently we present specific use cases, showing how suppliers can leverage the analytics possibilities of MMPs and how this affects the business model.

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Keywords Intermodal mobility, Location-based services, Mobility market platforms, Multimodal mobility, Spatial analytics, Sustainable mobility
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Journal Electronic Markets
Willing, C, Brandt, T, & Neumann, D. (2017). Electronic mobility market platforms – a review of the current state and applications of business analytics. Electronic Markets, 1–16. doi:10.1007/s12525-017-0257-2