Background Lung carcinoids (LCs) are rare tumors that comprise 1–5% of lung malignancies but represent 20–30% of neuroendocrine tumors. Their incidence is progressively increasing and a better characterization of these tumors is required. Alterations in somatostatin (SST)/cortistatin (CORT) and ghrelin systems have been associated to development/progression of various endocrine-related cancers, wherein they may become useful diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic biomarkers.
Objectives We aimed to evaluate the expression levels of ghrelin and SST/CORT system components in LCs, as well as to explore their putative relationship with histological/clinical characteristics.
Patients and methods An observational retrospective study was performed; 75 LC patients with clinical/histological characteristics were included. Samples from 46 patients were processed to isolate mRNA from tumor and adjacent non-tumor region, and the expression levels of SST/CORT and ghrelin systems components, determined by quantitative-PCR, were compared to those of 7 normal lung tissues.
Results Patient cohort was characterized by mean age 53 ± 15 years, 48% males, 34% with tobacco exposure; 71.4/28.6% typical/atypical carcinoids, 21.7% incidental tumors, 4.3% functioning tumors, 17.7% with metastasis. SST/CORT and ghrelin system components were expressed at variable levels in a high proportion of tumors, as well as in adjacent non-tumor tissues, while a lower proportion of normal lung samples also expressed these molecules. A gradation was observed from normal non-neoplastic lung tissues, non-tumor adjacent tissue and LCs, being SST, sst4, sst5, GHS-R1a and GHS-R1b overexpressed in tumor tissue compared to normal tissue. Importantly, several SST/CORT and ghrelin system components displayed significant correlations with relevant clinical parameters, such as necrosis, peritumoral and vascular invasion, or metastasis.
Conclusion Altogether, these data reveal a prominent, widespread expression of key SST/CORT/ghrelin system components in LCs, where they display clinical-histological correlations, which could provide novel, valuable markers for NET patient management.

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Lung Cancer
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Herrera-Martínez, A., Gahete, M.D. (Manuel D.), Sánchez-Sánchez, R. (Rafael), Salas, R.O. (Rosa Ortega), Serrano-Blanch, R. (Raquel), Salvatierra, Á. (Ángel), … Castaño, J. (2017). The components of somatostatin and ghrelin systems are altered in neuroendocrine lung carcinoids and associated to clinical-histological features. Lung Cancer, 109, 128–136. doi:10.1016/j.lungcan.2017.05.006