All studies described in this thesis are part of the “OPTI-CLOT” research program on patient tailOred PharmacokineTIc (PK)-guided dosing of CLOTting factor concentrate in bleeding disorders. These are (inter)national multicenter studies which aim to implement PK-guided dosing of clotting factor replacement therapy by initiation of studies to prove the implications of PK-guided dosing, to construct perioperatie and prophylactic population PK models and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a PK-guided approach.

This thesis focuses on the evaluation of current dosing strategies and the feasibility of alternative, more individualized dosing based on PK-guidance using Bayesian analysis.

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F.W.G. Leebeek (Frank) , R.A.A. Mathôt (Ron) , M.H. Cnossen (Marjon)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Pediatrics

Hazendonk, C. (2017, May 30). Pharmacokinetic-guided dosing of clotting factor concentrates in bleeding disorders : towards individualization of treatment. Retrieved from