We read with interest the letter by Dr. Rogers regarding our article on the prevalence of intracranial hypertension in trigonocephaly.
This article describes the occurrence of intracranial hypertension, assessed through funduscopy, and its relation with the occipitofrontal head circumference curve in trigonocephaly patients. This study, which included 262 metopic synostosis patients, shows that intracranial hypertension (a positive funduscopic result) not only is rare preoperatively and postoperatively but also is related to stagnation of the occipitofrontal head circumference curve, as also shown in a previous article about syndromic craniosynostosis patients.
Dr. Rogers raises two concerns with the methodology of the study, on which we are glad to comment. [...],
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Cornelissen, M., & Mathijssen, I. (2017). Reply: Very low prevalence of intracranial hypertension in trigonocephaly. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 140(3), 516e–517e. doi:10.1097/PRS.0000000000003637