This collection of review articles summarises a series of key hot topics in paediatric infection and immunity that are of relevance and importance to specialists in paediatric infectious diseases. These articles will be of interest to paediatricians and infection specialists around the world at the cutting edge of diagnosis, management and prevention of infection. The manuscripts are based on presentations made by leading experts in the fi eld at the 14th Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children meeting (www. held at The Mathematical Institute and St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK in July 2016.
The editors are indebted to Sue Brockes-Smith for her work and effi ciency in organising the course. Its continuing success is in large part due to her calmness under pressure and her exceptional organisational skills and hard work. We also thank Pamela Morison for her help in preparing this supplement and, in particular, for her painstaking attention to detail. Her patience, diplomatic skills, perseverance and gentle cajoling of recalcitrant authors (and editors) have been key to ensuring timely production of this supplement. We also thank the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID) for their continued fi nancial support.