This study contributes to the literature on work engagement and job demands-resources (JD-R) theory by exploring the momentary relations between episodic demands, resources, engagement, and performance during various activities (e.g., checking e-mails) within a day. Using experience-sampling methodology, 61 Dutch employees completed activity characteristics, engagement, and performance surveys at three different times during the day for one week. Results from 413 observations showed that 88% of the total variance in engagement fluctuates from activity to activity. Multilevel path analysis results confirmed that during activities, episodic engagement was positively related to performance, and mediated the positive associations of resources and negative associations of hindering demands with performance.

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Keywords Episodic performance model, ESM, Job demands-resources theory, Work engagement
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Journal Journal of Personnel Psychology
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Reina-Tamayo, A.M. (Andrea M.), Bakker, A.B, & Derks-Theunissen, D.A.J.A. (2017). Episodic demands, resources, and engagement: An experience-sampling study. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 16(3), 125–136. doi:10.1027/1866-5888/a000177