Orders accepting/selection, delivery date assignment and order scheduling are important functions in a modern apparel manufacturing system where Clients request delivery dates and where it's such a big diversity of styles, fabrics and colors. In a competitive make-to-order environment in this field, it is important that the manufacturer uses the capacity efficiently and satisfies the expectations of the client. In this research we propose an integer programming approach, for accepting, delaying or rejecting the ordered products. The objective of the problem is to obtain the best long term and short term results for the apparel manufacturing company by selecting the proper subset of orders that can be satisfied by the first proposed delivery dates of the clients. Refusals or new but acceptable delivery dates will be proposed to the clients for all the other orders.

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doi.org/10.1109/CarpathianCC.2017.7970409, hdl.handle.net/1765/101466
18th International Carpathian Control Conference, ICCC 2017
Erasmus School of Economics

Zaharie, B. (Bianca), Işlak, G. (Gökçe), Dehelean, C. (Cǎtǎlin), & Miclea, L. (Liviu). (2017). A hierarchical approach of order acceptance and delivery date setting problems in the apparel industry. In 2017 18th International Carpathian Control Conference, ICCC 2017 (pp. 267–272). doi:10.1109/CarpathianCC.2017.7970409