AIDS telephone hotlines may have an important function in AIDS education, HIV prevention and counseling. In this study, consults of the Dutch AIDS Information Helpline were evaluated to determine the AIDS information needs of the callers and callers’ satisfaction with the telephone-delivered information and consultation. Immediately after their telephone consult, callers (N = 309) were redirected to co-workers of an independent telephone survey. They participated in an interview on content and evaluation of the telephone consult. This study shows that most telephone calls concerned questions about personal risk of HIV transmission, HIV transmission in general and HIV testing. Callers were very satisfied with the services of the helpline. Furthermore, helpline employees’ counseling and conversation skills were evaluated very positively. These results are discussed within the scope of the professional organization of the Dutch AIDS Information Helpline.

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Patient Education and Counseling
Department of Psychology

Bos, A., Visser, G., Tempert, B. F., & Schaalma, H. (2004). Evaluation of the Dutch AIDS Information Helpline: An investigation of information needs and satisfaction of callers. Patient Education and Counseling. Retrieved from