The work in this thesis focuses on the molecular mechanisms of TH action at the level of transporters and receptors.
Hereby, we report on various aspects of thyroid hormone and thyroid hormone analogs transport in liver.
In addition, we describe a wide spectrum of RTHα phenotypes and elaborate on the role of TRα in human erythropoiesis.

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Keywords Thyroid hormone (TH), TH transport, TH action, TH receptors
Promotor R.P. Peeters (Robin) , T.J. Visser (Theo) , M.E. Meima (Marcel)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The printing of this thesis has been financially supported by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and further financial support was kindly provided by: Schildklier Organisatie Nederland, Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, Goodlife Healthcare, Ferring, Chipsoft, Pfizer, Eisai
ISBN 978-94-6299-656-4
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Van Gucht, A.L.M. (2017, October 10). Molecular and Clinical Implications of Thyroid Hormone Transport and Action. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from