Kinase inhibitors form the largest class of novel anticancer drugs. To date, more than 20 kinase inhibitors have been approved for clinical use. Lengthy patent rights keep the cost of these new anticancer drugs high. In order to anticipate the introduction of generics we have reviewed the patent expiry and the indications of kinase inhibitors approved for use in Europe and the US. Most of these drugs are currently used in the treatment of several types of leukaemia and their patent protection will only expire after more than a decade.

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GaBI Journal
Department of Neurosurgery

Venkatesan, S., Lamfers, M., Leenstra, S., & Vulto, A. (2017). Overview of the patent expiry of (non-)tyrosine kinase inhibitors approved for clinical use in the EU and the US. GaBI Journal, 6(2), 89–96. doi:10.5639/gabij.2017.0602.016