Colombia’s contentious agrarian dynamics have been at the centre of both the armed conflict and peace process. This article reveals the discrepancies between land-tenure legislation and actual outcomes. While the peace agreements offer new opportunities for democratic land control, new institutions may end up reinforcing existing power relations. This article argues that linking land rights with human rights can be a powerful strategy for rural social justice and accountability. As the struggle for democratic land control moves from armed conflict to the political arena, mobilising from below will be a decisive factor as to whether rights, reform and restitution become a reality in post-conflict Colombia.

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Canadian Journal of Development Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam

McKay, B.M. (Ben). (2017). Democratising land control: towards rights, reform and restitution in post-conflict Colombia. Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 1–19. doi:10.1080/02255189.2017.1364621