This study investigated whether cycling on a desk bike would foster sustained attention in a lecture setting. This was measured by effects on retention, task experience (e.g. self-reported attention) and affect (i.e. happiness and energy). Participants were 122 students, who watched a two-part video lecture and made the associated retention tests administered right after each lecture part. In four experimental conditions, students sat still during the first part of the lecture and either cycled or not during the second part of the lecture and the subsequent retention test. Our main hypothesis that cycling would reduce negative time-on-task effects on retention of the lecture content, task experience (e.g. self-reported attention) and affect was only confirmed for energy ratings. The results of this study suggest that desk bikes can be used in educational facilities without negatively affecting memory and positively influencing learners' affective state.

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Journal Applied Cognitive Psychology
Ruiter, M, Loyens, S.M.M, & Paas, G.W.C. (2017). The Effects of Cycling on a Desk Bike on Attention, Retention and Mood during a Video Lecture. Applied Cognitive Psychology. doi:10.1002/acp.3355