When one meets a person in everyday life, it is immediately evident if this person is a man or a woman, at least in the majority of cases. On the one hand this conclusion is based on biological characteristics such as body shape and on the other hand on gender specific features, for example clothing, hairstyle or ornamentation which are culturally defined. Of course there are cases where it takes more than the usual split second, but these are and will remain an exception. Therefore it seems ridiculous to explain to somebody, let alone someone with an academic education, that there are certain differences between women are men.
However, astonishingly enough those same people, who for most of the time know perfectly that women and men are not similar, can erase this basic knowledge when they are doing research. In medical science it has been accepted that differences between men and women can be completely disregarded. Even worse, for a long time the mere existence of women has been ignored. [...]