In this thesis, we addressed three clinical important issues:
1) the prevalence and consequences of distal renal tubular acidosis in Primary Sjögren’s syndrome patients;
2) the effect of Primary Sjögren’s syndrome on bone metabolism;
3) the effect of hydroxychloroquine on bone metabolism.

Part 1 includes the clinical studies of this thesis and is dedicated to the evaluation of distal renal tubular acidosis and its consequences in Primary Sjögren’s syndrome and the effect of Primary Sjögren’s syndrome on bone.
Part 2 includes the laboratory studies of this thesis in which we demonstrate the effects of hydroxychloroquine on human bone cells both in vivo and in vitro.

Additional Metadata
Keywords Sjögren’s, renal tubular acidosis, bone metabolism, hydroxychloroquine
Promotor P.M. van Hagen (Martin) , P.L.A. van Daele (Paul) , B.C.J. van der Eerden (Bram)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor The studies in this thesis were financially supported by: the National Patient Society of Sjögren’s Syndrome and the Dutch Kidney Foundation.
ISBN 978-94-91811-17-3
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Both, T. (2017, October 25). Beyond the dryness of Sjögren’s syndrome : renal complications and bone metabolism. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from