This cross-national survey (N = 5784) examined generational differences in media use, advertising attitudes and avoidance for five media (websites, social media, mobile phones, television, newspapers) in six countries (Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, France, and the Netherlands). The results showed that the net generation and the newspaper generation, but not the TV generation, were clearly distinct in the frequency of their media use in all six countries. For advertising attitudes, generational patterns were visible, however, neither for all media nor in all countries. When generational differences did occur, the net generation was on the positive end, whereas the newspaper generation was usually the most negative. For advertising avoidance, generational patterns were less present and consistent. The findings point out interesting directions for future research. Practical implications for advertisers and media planners are discussed.

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International Journal of Advertising : the review of marketing communications

van der Goot, M., Rozendaal, E. (Esther), Opree, S., Ketelaar, P.E. (Paul E.), & Smit, E.G. (Edith G.). (2017). Media generations and their advertising attitudes and avoidance. International Journal of Advertising : the review of marketing communications, 1–20. doi:10.1080/02650487.2016.1240469