In 2017, after years of restructuring following the US financial crisis, the PulteGroup, a leading homebuilding company, was poised for the future. The PulteGroup barely survived the 2006 downturn, but went on to implement value-creation and cost efficiencies in every sector of its business, merge with a competitor in a different geographic sector, and acquire another competitor in the luxury segment. By 2017, analysts concluded that the company was in good financial health. Additionally, the shortage of new home construction following the financial crisis had led to a sellers' market. However, the repercussions of the financial crisis had devastated potential buyers and permanently changed the dynamics of the homebuilding industry. Amid the uncertainties of its market segments, could PulteGroup somehow tap into its youngest but most eager segment, the millenials, to generate new growth?

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Keywords Home, House, House construction, Home building, Millenials, Home purchase, Housing market, First-time home buyers, Move-up home buyers, Active adult buyers, Financial crisis, Baby boomers
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Hoffman, A.N, & Gold, N. (2017). THE PULTEGROUP: HOME BUYING AMONG MILLENIALS AFTER THE FINANCIAL CRISIS. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from

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