Acute Zika virus (ZIKV) infection is usually mild and self-limiting. Earlier, we reported three cases of fatal acute ZIKV infection in patients without typical signs of ZIKV, but rather with criteria of systemic inflammation response syndrome (SIRS). To follow up these observations, we prospectively included patients at the emergency room with temperature instability and suspected to have acute ZIKV infection, SIRS, or both. A total of 102 patients were included of whom N = 21 (21%) were suspected of acute ZIKV infection, N = 56 (55%) of acute ZIKV infection with SIRS criteria, and N = 25 (24%) of SIRS alone. ZIKV-PCR was positive in N = 21 (20%) patients. Eight (38%) ZIKV-positive patients needed admission to the hospital of whom four (50%) presented with SIRS alone. One ZIKV-positive patient had vascular co-morbidity and died following shock and severe coagulopathy. We confirm the hypothesis that acute ZIKV infection can present atypical and severely with systemic inflammation and have lethal course particularly amongst patients with significant prior disease.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam

Vroon, P. (Pieter), Roosblad, J. (Jimmy), Poese, F. (Fauzia), Wilschut, J., Codrington, J. (John), Vreden, S. (Stephen), & Zonneveld, R. (Rens). (2017). Severity of acute Zika virus infection: A prospective emergency room surveillance study during the 2015–2016 outbreak in Suriname. IDCases, 10, 117–121. doi:10.1016/j.idcr.2017.10.007