This article examines mainstreaming as a governance strategy in immigrant integration governance. Diversity mainstreaming involves a whole society approach for raising awareness about migrationrelated diversity, mobilising a network of actors to embed diversity across policy areas. Bringing together the literature on superdiversity, policy targeting and governance mainstreaming this article examines empirically whether, and if so, why, and how, mainstreaming is applied as a governance strategy in France, the Netherlands and the UK. Based on a qualitative policy analysis covering the period 2000-14, we find mainstreaming 'incomplete' and driven by political and economic motives rather than considerations of superdiversity.

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Policy and politics
Erasmus University Rotterdam

van Breugel, I., & Scholten, P. (2017). Mainstreaming in response to superdiversity? The governance of migration-related diversity in France, the UK and the Netherlands. Policy and politics, 45(4), 511–526. doi:10.1332/030557317X14849132401769