Using data from the Texas Twin Project, it was recently reported that 7 measures of character covaried to the extent that they formed a general factor of character (Tucker-Drob, Briley, Engelhardt, Mann, & Harden, 2016). In turn the relationship between the general factor of character and the Big Five personality traits were examined. It was found that personality was associated with the general factor of character primarily through the traits of conscientiousness and openness. For several reasons we propose that a more accurate interpretation of the data is that a Big Five personality traits form a general factor of personality, and that the relationship between the general character factor and personality is primarily through the general factor of personality. The results lend some support to this contention and are discussed in relation to the growing interest in covariation among multiple personality traits.

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Journal of Genetic Psychology
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dunkel, C., & van der Linden, D. (2017). The General Factor of Personality and Character: A Reanalysis. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 1–5. doi:10.1080/00221325.2017.1381070