Research Aim: How do healthcare rebels do ‘quality work’, design alternative forms of care delivery and account for their practices?
Methods: Selection of rebel-groups based on interviews. Ethnographic observational study of three rebel-groups in three Dutch hospitals with different institutional backgrounds (academic, large ‘top clinical’ teaching and general).
Conclusion: Rebels build their own micro systems of providing and organizing care. They have a strong focus on quality of care and quality of life, and adjust their care accordingly. Rebels walk the tight rope by coloring outside the lines while safeguarding legitimacy and organizational trust.

Funded by National Healthcare Institute & The Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres
ISQua’s 34th International Conference
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)

Bal, R., Weggelaar-Jansen, A. M., & Wallenburg, I. (2017). Rebels with a cause : How positive deviance works for quality of care. Presented at the ISQua’s 34th International Conference. Retrieved from