While reforms of welfare policies have been widely analysed, the reform of welfare administration has received far less attention. Using empirical case studies, this book provides significant new insights into the way welfare administration is being internationally transformed. Particular attention is given to the effect on welfare clients, staff and agencies. “Administering welfare reform” presents a critical analysis of governance practices in welfare administration and examines shifts in the participants, practices and processes of welfare administration. It presents original empirical case studies that highlight the effects of reforming welfare governance on welfare subjects, staff and agencies and provides a much-needed international and comparative perspective of changing welfare governance. This book is aimed at scholars and advanced students of sociology, social policy, economics, public administration and management, as well as social policy practitioners and service delivery workers.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Henman, P. (Paul), & Fenger, M. (Menno). (2006). Administering welfare reform: International transformations in welfare governance. Administering Welfare Reform: International Transformations in Welfare Governance, 1–290. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/102854