The OECD Principles on Water Governance aim to contribute to good water governance. Learning and change through assessments are useful ways to strengthen water governance systems. This article presents a methodology for a learning assessment based on the OECD principles. The methodology has been applied to the Dutch Flood Protection Programme. The analysis revealed various functions of the OECD principles, from enhancing understanding to reforming the agenda, reflection and informed action. Recommendations are given on how the OECD principles can be used to come to meaningful action-oriented water governance assessments; they include contextualization, multiple methods, inclusiveness and periodic assessments.

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Keywords flood protection, learning assessment, Netherlands, OECD principles, Water governance
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Journal Water International
Seijger, C. (Chris), Brouwer, S. (Stijn), van Buuren, M.W, Gilissen, H.K. (Herman Kasper), van Rijswick, M, & Hendriks, M. (Michelle). (2017). Functions of OECD Water Governance Principles in assessing water governance practices: assessing the Dutch Flood Protection Programme. Water International, 1–19. doi:10.1080/02508060.2018.1402607