Chronic actinic dermatitis is a type of photosensitive eczema, most commonly found in older white males. A decreased minimal erythema dose for UVA and/or UVB, positive photopatch tests and multiple contact allergic reactions are frequently seen. Clinical and histopathologic features may resemble cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Immunohistochemical analysis and T-cell clonality studies will help to differentiate between the two entities. Treatment may be a challenge and includes advice on sunlight and allergen avoidance measures.

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Keywords Actinic reticuloid syndrome, Chronic actinic dermatitis, Photosensitivity dermatitis
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Journal Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en Venereologie
Van Eijsden, C.J.A. (C. J.A.), Damman, J. (J.), & Kunkeler, A.C.M. (2017). Fotosensitief eczeem bij een moestuinhouder?. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en Venereologie, 27(9), 485–487. Retrieved from