The family Pneumoviridae comprises large enveloped negative-sense RNA viruses. This taxon was formerly a subfamily within the Paramyxoviridae, but was reclassified in 2016 as a family with two genera, Orthopneumovirus and Metapneumovirus. Pneumoviruses infect a range of mammalian species, while some members of the Metapneumovirus genus may also infect birds. Some viruses are specific and pathogenic for humans, such as human respiratory syncytial virus and human metapneumovirus. There are no known vectors for pneumoviruses and transmission is thought to be primarily by aerosol droplets and contact. This is a summary of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) Report on the taxonomy of the Pneumoviridae, which is available at

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Journal of General Virology
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Rima, B., Collins, P. (Peter), Easton, A. (Andrew), Fouchier, R., Kurath, G. (Gael), Lamb, R.A. (Robert A.), … Siddell, S.G. (Stuart G.). (2017). ICTV virus taxonomy profile: Pneumoviridae. Journal of General Virology, 98(12), 2912–2913. doi:10.1099/jgv.0.000959