An abundant body of research focused on macrolevel, mesolevel, and microlevel factors explaining why individuals move across international borders. In this paper, we aim to complement the existing literature by exploring how, within a single country, mesolevel factors differently impact migration aspirations, focusing on a case study of Ukraine. We particularly focus on how migration aspirations of individuals in two different regions can be explained by their international social networks with family members, on the one hand, and with friends, on the other. Furthermore, we explore whether regional migration characteristics play a role, as well as the interaction of such characteristics with individuals' frequency of contact with transnational networks. Our analyses are based on the EUMAGINE project and suggest that the interplay between regional migration characteristics and transnational social contact are key for explaining the decline of migration systems over time.

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Keywords European Union, Migration culture, Migration determinants, Social networks, Ukraine
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Journal Population, Space and Place
Van Mol, C, Snel, E, Hemmerechts, K, & Timmerman, C. (2017). Migration aspirations and migration cultures: A case study of Ukrainian migration towards the European Union. Population, Space and Place. doi:10.1002/psp.2131