In older patients, pubic rami fractures resulting from low-impact falls are generally considered to be stable and treated non-operatively. An associated sacral fracture is easily missed on plain radiography but can result in debilitating pain. The objective of this report is to present our experience with percutaneous sacro-iliac screw fixation in 2 elderly patients with (missed) osteoporotic sacral fractures. We conclude that "isolated" pubic rami fractures in elderly patients should prompt careful investigation to rule out an associated sacral fracture particularly in patients with lower back or sacral pain. In the presence of a sacral fracture, early percutaneous sacro-iliac screw fixation to allow rapid mobilization should be considered in selected patients.

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Surgery and Traumatology
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Traumatologie
Department of Surgery

Verbeek, D., & Ponsen, K.-. jan . (2016). Percutane schroeffixatie voor osteoporotische sacrumfracturen bij oudere patiënten. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Traumatologie, 24(5/6), 9–12. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/103681