We recognize the concerns raised by Drs. Ye and Maus and their respective colleagues. However, we had many reasons to report the analysis as presented. We chose to adjust for the time of stroke onset to randomization because this was predefined in our original statistical analysis (1) and data on these variables were available for both the control and intervention groups. We previously imputed the time of onset to reperfusion in patients who did not receive IAT to assess treatment effect modification by time (2). [...]

doi.org/10.7326/L17-0493, hdl.handle.net/1765/103877
Annals of Internal Medicine
Netherlands Institute for Health Science (NIHES)

Berkhemer, O., & van der Lugt, A. (2018). In response [to: Extracranial Carotid Disease and Effect of Intra-arterial Treatment in Patients With Proximal Anterior Circulation Stroke]. Annals of Internal Medicine, 168(1), 83–84. doi:10.7326/L17-0493