The aim of this special issue of Interactions is twofold.
The first aim is to shed light on the changes in the field of gender and media, and together with these, the challenges this research field faces. The major part of the theoretical development in gender and media took place in the early 1980s and was instigated from a feminist perspective. More than 30 years later, society, feminist issues and academic knowledge on media have changed tremendously, each with its repercussions in the study of gender and media.
The second aim of this issue is to create a modest contribution of various ways that lie ahead of us to face these challenges. Though the changes since early feminist media studies have been widely acknowledged, new ways of researching and thinking about new themes and questions are scarce.

This issue consists in a compilation of articles from various fields and features contributions from cultural studies, cultural sociology and communication science scholars. Together they present insights into the complexity of the themes and questions faced.