The rise of China has provoked changes in global geopolitics, deeply influencing the global economy and trade relations. Of particular importance for agrarian change is China’s increased demand for (agro)commodities which has led to new partnerships abroad in order to secure natural resource access. This paper analyses the increasing economic and political relations between China and Latin America and raises questions concerning new trajectories of agrarian change and resource access, asking whether, how and to what extent a new consensus has emerged in reaction to the Washington Consensus which ushered in neoliberal policies to the region from the 1970s onward.

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Journal Third World Thematics: a TWQ journal
McKay, B, Alonso-Fradejas, A, Brent, Z.W, Sauer, S, & Xu, Y. (2017). China and Latin America: towards a new consensus of resource control?. In Third World Thematics: a TWQ journal (Vol. 1, pp. 592–611). doi:10.1080/23802014.2016.1344564