This article discusses the relations between patriotism and food sovereignty in post-Euromaidan Ukraine. It investigates how the rising Ukrainian national identity and patriotic sentiments during the geopolitical conflict with Russia led to a change in the social imaginary of traditional small-scale farming. Formerly, household farming was seen as a coping strategy of the post-Soviet population and a relic of the socialist past, doomed to disappear in the nearest future. Nowadays, more and more Ukrainians view small-scale farming as a sustainable alternative to large-scale industrial agriculture, which could feed Ukraine (and Europe) with ecological and healthy food. This study uses primary qualitative and quantitative data collected during field research before and after the Euromaidan revolution to reveal how pro-European aspirations and rising patriotism contribute to the emerging discourses on the ‘rights to food and to farm’ in Ukraine. This transformation could bring a new trajectory to the country's agricultural development and might lead to the emergence of a food sovereignty movement.,
Sociologia Ruralis

Mamonova, N. (2018). Patriotism and Food Sovereignty: Changes in the Social Imaginary of Small-Scale Farming in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine. Sociologia Ruralis, 58(1), 190–212. doi:10.1111/soru.12188